Professional Sound Design
Certification Program

Advanced Online Training Program for those who want to become professional sound designers.

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Professional Sound Design
Break into the world of Sound Design with a 12-week online certification program, made specifically for music producers and audio engineers who want to be able to work from a sound-designers perspective.

Learning these skills will give you a lot of insight into the DNA of your music, on top of that it will enable you to release your own sound packs and improve your skills to match the expertise of top sound engineers.
The course is a blend of live lessons with instructor Jor van der Poel (ROLI, Pyramind, Loopmasters, ADSR Sounds), video tutorials and homework assignments.

Students get a lifetime access to the course videos (including updated lessons) and the active student community.
Turn Your Passion into a Career
The top 3 reasons to become a professional Sound Designer
Do The Things You Love
Don't be afraid to do something you truly love!
Creativity and exploration are an endless endeavour, so it would make sense to make it something sustainable as well!
Work From Anywhere
Being a sound designer allows you to work from anywhere in the world. 95% of Sound Designers work remotely, even for the largest companies (Apple, Ableton, Native Instruments etc.)
Learn New Things
Learning new things is a beautiful thing, it keeps your mind fresh and active.
Working as a sound-designer can help you to maintain an open mind about music and what sound actually is, which is helpful for your music and your work.
Learn. Design. Earn.
Get to know the industry and the community and master the skills needed to navigate in a professional creative environment.

Learn how to work with software companies and how to approach major distribution platforms using your own sound-design brand.
How This Course Works
Learn from anywhere. Weekly lessons. Lifetime Access. Professional Community.
Watch Video Tutorials
Each week you get access to new video tutorials that cover all aspects of the lesson
Attend Weekly Live Lesson
Each week you can attend live lesson with Jor where you can discuss the topic of the week, homework assignments, your personal goals and any other questions you might have.
Work On Assignment
Each week you'll get new exercises that will help you to internalise a whole new skill set. These range from working on single presets to submitting your projects to sound labels.
Discuss With Classmates
Get help when you need it and join discussions with your class mates, experienced sound designers and instructors.
What You'll Get With The Course
Most importantly, you'll learn how sound works. Getting a deeper understanding about the air vibrations that we call "Sound" will open up a world of new possibilities, you will start to recognise bad habits, identify problems during mixdown and learn how to break out of creative blocks. You'll be able to find a solution for creative problems based on experience and knowledge.

By the end of the course you'll be able to work as a professional sound designer for a sound design company or as a freelancer. Next to that you'll get a deep understanding about sound which will help you in all areas of music.
Advanced Sound Design Skills
Learn the core skills needed to develop your own sound design style
Lifetime access to course videos
Watch the videos at your own time, revisit complex topics and use the videos for inspiration and ideas
12 weeks of Live Lessons
Ask questions, join discussions, learn about the latest developments in digital signal processing with the Live Lessons
Lifetime Access to Community
Get in contact with other professionals. With the course you get access to the closed Facebook group where you can openly discuss Sound Design questions with the instructor and other students.
Contacts to distribute your sounds
To jump start your career we will provide Program Graduates with industry contacts and tips on how to submit your work to be approved by major sound design companies.
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Program Plan
Orientation & Templates
Introduction and Orientation, Aspects of sounds, Templates Setup, Organising your files. Designing for your own production v.s. creating sounds for a marketplace
Advanced Frequency
Harmonics & Overtones, Pitch Shifters, Resonators, Comb Filters, Length to Frequency, Rhythm to Frequency, FM
Advanced Timbre
Amplitude Modulating, Ring Modulation, Distortion, Saturation, Filters, EQ, Amp Models, etc.
Gain/VCA's, Compression, Sidechaining, Velocity, Gating
Reverbs, Delays, Chorus, Flangers, Phasers, Micro Shifting
Stereo Position
Panning, Sample Delays, MS Processing, Multiband-Widening
From idea to concept
Working with a plan, get lots of examples and learn techniques to develop an idea into a product
Preset Packs
Creating your first Preset Pack , Preset Packs Concept, Macros, Performance Controls, Effects, etc. Writing demo track for preset/sample pack
Sample Packs
SamplePack Concept, Naming Conventions, Sample references, Kontakt Instruments, Ableton Instrument Packs , Other Sample Formats, SFZ. Creating your first SoundPack
Distribute your content
Strategies to sell your content. Building a portfolio. How to distribute your content, A discussion about do's and don't for distributing and learning how to start your own company
Personal Feedback
Personal discussion with every student in private about what their next step could/should be
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Meet the Instructor
Learn from one of the best Sound Designers and Music Teachers
Jor van der Poel
Sound Designer (ROLI, Loopmasters, Camel Audio, ADSR sounds, SoundFreqs), Music Production Instructor (Pyramind), Grade C certified music teacher
My name is Jor van der Poel, I was born in the Netherlands and lived in Vancouver, BC for years. Currently I am living in Berlin, which proves to be a great playground for the experimental minded (i.e. Mad Scientists).

I am a music producer, arranger, teacher and sound designer. I am certified in both music theory and sound design education.

When I was younger I wanted to be a famous drummer, when I already knew how to play so I started teaching drums to others and I got myself into music education. This introduced me to a whole new world of music, and I realised that if I knew how to record and arrange I could be my own band. So I started practicing piano and guitar, both classical and jazz and learned how to record this to use in my music.

Besides acoustic music, I also love the extreme flexibility of synthetic sounds which made me want to learn about sound design, mixing and mastering. I spend a few years practicing this 8 hours a day, I got pretty good at it and 3 years ago I started making weekly sound design videos for the online community ADSR. This introduced me to a lot of people in the music industry, and taught me more about educating others. It also got me on the Sound-Design team of various Software Developers and a position as featured mentor for Pyramind, CA.

I am a co-founder of Sound-Freqs, a sound-design label that focuses on community instead of sales. I also own Subject Sound, a business focused on music production and sound design education.
What Jor's students say
Paul Fawkes
Mixing Engineer
It was just a gradual development over the years. Last year was "All You Need Is Love." This year it's "Give Peace a Chance." Remember love. If you want to get peace, you can get it as soon as you like if we all pull together.
Erik Simons
Music Producer
Jor is extremely knowledgeable about music theory and sound design. more importantly, he knows how to explain the principles of theory and sound design in practical, and immediately useful ways. Studying with Jor even for just a short time has really opened my eyes -- I've gained a new understanding of my areas of strengths and weaknesses in composing music, and i've found myself quickly improving using his recommendations
Mike Hooks
Music Producer,
I've never met anyone who is better in explaining complex sound design concepts than Jor. Every time I watch his videos or talk to him I find something new that I can instantly apply to my production.
Watch sample video tutorials