Mixing & Mastering for Producers - Online Course

For those who actually make music.
Mixing Electronic Music
Did you ever get confused by all those Youtube videos showing you how to mix a track that has already been fully produced? What about the production stage itself, isn't that sort of mixing as well?
Where does one end and the other begin?

These are good questions to ask, but often difficult to find answers for.

The truth is, most modern producers don't wait until the track is done before they start mixing. With modern tools and workflows it is hard to separate where sound design/production ends and where mixing begins. In our course we explain the complete workflow: from the start (mixing/processing while producing) to the final details (arrangement, creative mixing and mastering).

This 12 week course is separated in two different parts, in the first 6 weeks we'll learn all the basics about Gain Staging, Compression, EQ, Delays, Reverbs, etc. In the second half of the course we'll revisit all of these but this time from a production/Sound-Designer point of view, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. You'll start to understand how one tool has multiple purposes, and how you can fluently switch between the various uses. At the end of the course you'll be able to Understand Sound, instead of just being able to "Mix" or "Produce"

Getting control over your sound is a powerful feeling; it allows you to be more creative and it makes mixing and finishing your songs a whole lot easier.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced producer, our online training is designed to help you make your tracks sound powerful and professional, getting everything to sit right in the mix and creating engaging and interesting arrangements.

All students get lifetime access to the course videos (including updated lessons) as well as academic discounts on software and plugins.

What You'll Get With The Course
Most importantly, you'll learn how to make your track sound professional. Getting a deeper understanding about the mixing tools that you already have will open up a world of new possibilities, you will start to recognise bad habits, identify problems during mixdown and finish more tracks.
After the course you will be able to:
  • Identify various common problems during the mixing and production processes, and learn how to avoid them
  • Understand how sound works, and master your tools to manipulate your sonic landscape
  • Hear what compression does, and know how to use the different types (sidechain, parallel, multiband, Mid-Side)
  • Learn how to use your tools in a variety of ways (Compressors can do much more than just compressing!)
  • Apply creative mixing techniques in exciting new ways
  • Understand mixing tools and know when and how to use them
  • Make energetic, sharp, full sounding, and loud mixes
Lesson Plan
Which Mixing Mindset should you adhere?
Working with headphones vs. monitors
Reference tracks & Analysis
Project Organisation and Workflow
Managing your CPU
Maximising your Creativity
Understand compression and learn how to hear the effect of it.
Compressor types: VCA, FET, Opto etc.
Compressor Parameters
Drum Compression
Compression for Instruments & Vocals
Analogue vs. Digital Compressors
EQ Basics
Subtractive vs Additive
Drum EQ
Instrument EQ & MixBus EQ
Modulation FX
Delays, Chorus, Flangers, Phasers -
Creative use of FX
FX Chains
How "To Stereo"
Sample Delays & The Haas Effect
Mid/Side Processing
Instrument & Mix Saturation/Distortion
Saturation Types: Transistor, Tube, Tape, Console
Cabinets & Amp Models
Reverbs & Spacing
Digital, Plate & Spring Reverbs
Convolutions (IR Reverbs)
Binaural Reverbs
Reverb from Delays
Reverb for proximity
Advanced Compression
Compression for Sound-Design
SideChain Compression
Multiband Compression
Expansion & Multiband Expansion
Advanced EQ
Boosts & When to use them
Using EQ's like Filters
Automating EQ Bands
Advanced Modulation FX
Delays 2.0 (Comb Filters)
Chorus 2.0
Flangers 2.0
Phasers 2.0
Advanced Distortion
How to use Distortion Creatively
Advanced Stereo Width and Reverbs
Synth Stereo Width
Binaural Reverbs
Sound Design with Impulse Responses
Frozen Reverbs
Tuning Reverbs
Automation & Arrangements
MIDI CC's (Modwheel, Expression, Aftertouch, Velocity, etc.)
Tension & Release
Creating Contrast
Overview to Mastering
Mastering Terminology (RMS, LUFS, True Peaks, etc.)
Know Thy Target, Analysis & Reference Tracks
Finding sweet spot between loudness and dynamics
Masterbus Saturation, Widening, Exciting, Compression
Mid-Side Multiband Compression
The Limiter
Songs from Scratch
A series of videos showcasing the Mixing&Producing mindset in action
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Meet the Instructor
Learn from one of the best Music Production and Audio Engineering Teachers
Jor van der Poel
Sound Designer (ROLI, Loopmasters, Camel Audio, ADSR sounds, SoundFreqs), Audio Engineer, Music Production Instructor (Pyramind), Grade C certified music teacher
My name is Jor van der Poel, I was born in the Netherlands and lived in Vancouver, BC for years. Currently I am living in Berlin, which proves to be a great playground for the experimental minded (i.e. Mad Scientists).

I am a music producer, arranger, teacher and sound designer. I am certified in both music theory and sound design education.

When I was younger I wanted to be a famous drummer, when I already knew how to play so I started teaching drums to others and I got myself into music education. This introduced me to a whole new world of music, and I realised that if I knew how to record and arrange I could be my own band. So I started practicing piano and guitar, both classical and jazz and learned how to record this to use in my music.

Besides acoustic music, I also love the extreme flexibility of synthetic sounds which made me want to learn about sound design, mixing and mastering. I spend a few years practicing this 8 hours a day, I got pretty good at it and 3 years ago I started making weekly sound design videos for the online community ADSR. This introduced me to a lot of people in the music industry, and taught me more about educating others. It also got me on the Sound-Design team of various Software Developers and a position as featured mentor for Pyramind, CA.

I am a co-founder of Sound-Freqs, a sound-design label that focuses on creating a rich sound-design community, through sound. I am also the owner of Subject Sound, an online school focused on music production, mixing, theory and sound design education.
What Jor's students say
Cody Southard
Music Producer
Jor helped me beyond what words can describe. There's an intangible bonus to working with Jor because he cares about his students gains. I mean that. He went out of his way so many times to really help me understand topics I was grey on and was committed and patient to helping me master the material. I have so much to thank jor for. Definitely for my musical growth and even more importantly, my creative depth has expanded to many many new horizons thanks to him sharing his strategies and knowledge. I can't recommend Jor to enough of my friends!
Brandon Ashworth
Music Producer
I really appreciate the fact that you went above and beyond what you required to do in our sessions so far. They have been the most informative and most tailored to my needs as a student. You took time to answer every question I had and elaborated on those areas every time. You have been hands down the most versatile and compatible instructor thus far and for that I Thank You! Best wishes, I look forward to the courses you will offer.
Eric White
Music Producer
Jor is a wonderful teacher. He makes a very complicated subject much easier to understand. He also has a good knowledge of a really diverse group of plugins and is always working with the latest plugins and techniques!
Here's a taste of what you can expect from the course!
Frequently Asked Questions
What Software do I need for the course?
Course works in any DAW: Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools, Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio, Reason. It is your choice. You can use stock plugins or third-party. To demonstrate techniques we use Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Waves and Valhalla plugins. With techniques shown you can easily replace it with your DAW stock plugins or other brands - from Melda to UAD.